How to Choose The Right Horse

Owning a horse can be quite expensive and comes with great responsibility, and all future horse owners should know what to pick. You may get carried away by those shiny hair and unique colors. However, the wrong horse can ruin your fun of horseback riding. Below are the three things you should consider before buying your first horse.


There are a number of reasons why choosing a horse of the right size is important. It has a big impact on its physical capabilities and limitations, and size is also important in the show ring. For example; if you have two equal horse with riders that both made a perfect performance, and one is mounted on a horse of appropriate size while the other is a 6-foot man mounted on a 15 hand horse. The possibilities are the blue ribbon will be awarded to the first pair. Why? The overall picture of the team is more pleasing and fitting. If you want to buy a horse for showing, then size is definitely something to take into account.


A horse’s conformation and breed both play into its suitability for different kind of jobs. Horses were bred a certain way through the centuries for reasons and it is important to research the breed you’re planning to buy. If you want to compete in endurance competitions, an Arabian horse would be a suitable choice as they’re known to be intelligent, loyal and spirited yet gentle. If you want a horse for ring shows and that can hop fences, a warmblood is a better option. Even within breeds, a horse’s structure comes into play. Some horses have higher-set neck while others have a more upright shoulder, all these things can affect how well they can perform specific tasks.


The personality of a horse may be the single, most important quality when you choose one. Horses are just like us; we don’t get along easily. And when you’re about to spend tons of money on a four hundred kilo animal, you have to make sure you get along well and not just the one that merely tolerates you.

Riding a gelding (male horse) is very different than riding a mare (female horse), but even with the gender, each horse has its unique feature. There are some horses that are lazy and needs to be pushed and some are so enthusiastic and needs to be calmed down and held back. There are also some people who want to learn how to ride both types, but when you’re going to buy one, it’s probably best to choose a horse that matches your style.

Personality also encompasses the indefinable quality of a heart. Some horses just don’t care and others care too much, try their best, and these horses are the ones who become champions. In fact, the heart is so powerful that it can make up for some less attractive qualities; in the Olympic 1984 Show Jumping, Gold Medal winner “Touch of Class” was a hot, small-sized Thoroughbred mare, all generally unattractive qualities in the world of show jumping, where much larger Warmblood horses are desired, but none of that mattered because she had a heart. Choosing the right horse is a big commitment and comes with a lot of hardships, but if you keep these 3 things in mind then you’ll have the most wonderful time of your life with your soon-to-be equine partner.

The Right Way to Stop Your Horse Cribbing and Wind Sucking

Cribbing Deterrent

As one thing so painful to observe, cribbing may also have an effect on the long run well being of any horse. Cribbing is when a horse swallows air, also called wind sucking. Horses do that by taking maintain of a stationary object, equivalent to a picket fence, metallic spherical pen, secure door or submit with their higher entrance tooth after which arch their neck earlier than swallowing air whereas making a grunting sound. Some horses don’t use an object in any respect and simply shut their mouths arch their necks and swallow air via the nostril. Nobody is kind of positive why horses do that, however, most suppose that it’s merely finished out of boredom, stress or behavior because it provides a horse a “pure excessive” that after they really feel it, the horse desires to do it time and again.

Cribbing can result in plenty of issues with the horse equivalent to poor digestion, dental issues, and different gastrointestinal points brought on by sucking in air. In some uncommon situations, cribbing may even result in death if finished typically sufficient. Prevention of cribbing or deterring the cribbing is usually one of the best ways to deal with it as a result of as soon as a horse does this it isn’t simple to get them to cease. The primary strategy to stop it’s to verify your horses get sufficient train in order that they don’t get bored. Since they’re grazers by nature, when they’re caught of their stall for lengthy intervals of time, they develop into confused and inevitably bored. On the lookout for one thing to do, as soon as they determine that they’ll do it, it isn’t typically stopped and worse but, as soon as different horses see one do it, they might wish to do it themselves. You might wish to give your horse one thing to play with, enable them to graze extra in as massive of a pasture as doable, or discover some leisure on your horse to maintain him occupied.

Deterring Cribbing with Neem

Neem oil, Neem bark extract in addition to different Neem merchandise work as an anti-inflammatory, anti-viral treatments however in this case, they’ll additionally work as deterrents for cribbing. It is because stress is a significant component in what causes cribbing. Stress may be brought on by ache, discomfort, and even simply not feeling good. Identical to people, horses are ok with themselves when they’re cleaned and properly taken care of. When they don’t seem to be, it results in stress which in flip can result in cribbing. By washing a horse with Neem cleaning soap steadily, relieving any discomfort with Neem oil and simply usually holding them properly groomed, horses shall be happier and due to this fact extra content material, even when left in a stall for an extended time period. Together with Neem, utilizing a cribbing strap positioned across the horse’s neck may also work to stop cribbing. Making them much less confused general and giving them extra to do in the course of the day, the cribbing may be lessened which in flip provides you a more healthy horse.

Indian Horse Racing Fields

The historical past of horse racing fields present in India dates again to British Colonial Empire. Racing has been an approach of leisure for a lot of centuries in India. In historical occasions, kings and different dignitaries used to entertain themselves by watching horse racing. Racing between completely different empires was a technique to present superiority of 1 empire over one other. Horses had been thought-about to be superb associates of human beings within the historical occasions, the place quick communication was solely potential with horses. Nonetheless, in deserts, camels had been used for quick transportation in desert areas attributable to their skill to retailer water inside them.

Glory of Indian Derby

The British Colonial Empire throughout their two centuries rule in Indian subcontinent launched some good high-quality horse racing fields in India. A few of these fields are even used until date. Amongst such horse racing fields constructed throughout British regime is the Mahalaxmi Race Course in Mumbai and Calcutta Racecourse. These racing fields nonetheless exit and probably the most essential playing video games are performed in India in these race programs. The Mumbai racecourse is the house of the well-known Indian Derby which dates lengthy again to the yr 1943. Since its beginning days, the glory of Indian Derby has been growing ever yr.

This grand occasion is often celebrated within the month of February on a Sunday. Since its begin, the very best jockey until the date has been Mr. Rashid R. Byramji, who has received the title eleven occasions. Following him is Mr. Pesi Shroff, who received this title eight occasions. Many horses additionally made their names on this racing floor by successful this race. The stakes within the horse racing fields are ever-increasing. The playing quantity in addition to the prize quantity went to its highest stage in 2011 when McDowell sponsored the occasion. Many wealthy and rich individuals from royal households used to take eager curiosity in these horse races.

However, now the widespread individuals have additionally begun to take curiosity in such video games. The betting quantity within the Indian Derby can be on the rise with widespread individuals taking part on this gamble. The breed of horses that take part in the race and do nicely is a matter of curiosity to many stallion house owners all around the world. One of the best horses is offered at a really excessive value to prospects or individuals who need the breeding rights of those horses. The breeding rights of any successful horse can earn an enormous value to its proprietor.

Although racing is a career of many individuals however it’s and all the time was the pastime of wealthy and rich royal households. Sustaining these horses is sort of costly. The particular breed horses want lots of care. The meals that they eat must be excessive on vitality stage and should include a good quantity of vegetable protein in them with a view to maintaining their muscle tissue in the correct situation. The funding on this horse racing enterprise provides a good return to solely those that perceive their horses nicely and take excellent care of their well being.