Horse Racing – Learn How to Bet!

The Sportsman Horse Racing Board of directors has always maintained that they are the sole authority on what tips and picks are permissible for betting on a Thoroughbred race. They have made it their business to weed out all those who would suggest that they themselves might be gambling on a race. There is some truth to that. Those who have tried to cheat the system have been barred from the races. But the board does not do a very good job of policing its members.

It is the duty of the racing secretary to enforce the guidelines of the sport and the racing board, or the tracks must enforce the rules. The two have an agreement with the tracks, which requires them to police the suggestions of the people who post their tips online. Those who post their tips on the internet are not necessarily breaking any rules. They may be following common sense, but the people who use those tips are doing so in the hope of winning. And the only person who can really tell if the racing tipsters are cheating is the person who wins the race.

If the person who wins the race wouldn’t dream of giving a tips list to a friend who wasn’t a winner, neither would a person who was merely looking for a way to make money gambling. But the sportsman horse racing crowd seems to be willing to bend the rules a little here and there. They will post their tips almost anywhere on the internet, even when the suggestions aren’t allowed by the tracks.

One person who has helped spur the growth of the betting public and the number of tips available is Pat O’Brien, author of the well-respected How To Bet On Horse Racing. He maintains that the public has become obsessed with winning and losing, particularly while they are on vacation. When they get home, they analyze the next day’s results and consider each and every race in the morning. If the results indicate a win, they place the bet. If the horses show a loss, they will reconsider their initial decision and may change it.

There is an entire cottage industry based around supplying tips and information about harness racing, or at least to horse racing in the United States. Most of the information is available on the internet, but not all are up to date or trustworthy. That’s because harness racing is a very prestigious sport and is a regulated event. None of the information available is allowed to be shared without a license.

Some people will try to cheat the system and make hay while they are at it. They will try to supply tips to racing websites that provide advice for racing bets. These people have learned how to manipulate the racing programs to come up with a winning bet. The purpose isn’t to actually win the bet, but to place a higher than normal bet on the horse. They know how to disguise the true betting secrets that will give them a profit, and they use the information they gain to make profits for themselves.

It is important to remember, however, that horse racing tips can only help you to handicap the race you are looking at. They cannot tell you which horse is your real contender or which one of the other contenders should be ignored entirely. You must apply your own judgment when handicapping the race and use your common sense and your own intuition.

As far as horse racing tips go, you can try your favorite search engine. Simply type in ‘horse racing tips’ and look at the results that come up. Don’t be swayed by the statistics for the day. Just remember, as, with most things in life, the best tips are the ones that don’t happen too much, but are regular pieces of information that you can apply to your betting. That will help you have a better idea of what to bet on.

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